Cleaning consultation

Before your cleaner is selected and visits your home the following steps are taken.

This is to ensure we can give you the best service possible, leaving you feeling happy knowing every detail is taken care of:

  • We will arrange a home consultation with Stephanie at a time to suit you to create a comprehensive a bespoke clean.
  • We will take this opportunity to discuss any special arrangements and answer any questions that you may have. Your record will also be used for sickness/holiday cover this will kept private and confidential. 
  • We will also bring our own terms and conditions.
  • Your cleaner will come to your home on your arranged date/time to carry out your cleaning. They will also have their own set of cleaning materials to ensure we get the right finish.
  • A follow up call will be made to ensure that you are happy with your cleaning and we will continue to support you 5 days a week.
  • You will always have the same cleaner.

In Return Cleaning Superstars requires an admin fee that will be invoiced to you at the end of the working month.

All we ask is that you provide your own cleaning products as each client likes their own brand, as well as hoover and mop.

As well as keeping costs down for you it also is more hygienic as it avoids passing on dust and pet hair into each home.

Stephanie works closely with her staff to ensure that your cleaning service is maintained to a high standard. Keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently.